To begin with, to manage multiple displays, at the same time, is not as easy as it may seem to the uninitiated user. Of course, in the standard settings of the system, there are some functions to control the contents of the additional screens. For example, one can determine the order of the desktop and select the resolution for each of them. But this is, by and large, the standard features of Windows, on the management functions of the multi-display configurations, run out. Some additional possibilities of setting multi-monitor systems can be found in the video card drivers.

New possibilities of working with multiple monitors in Windows 8.

With the release of Windows 8, new owners of cheap software downloads, have access to more settings instruments. The new operating system will be possible to set a single display, the desktop background on each monitor or stretched desktop background on all monitors. In the settings you can personalize Windows 8 and set new panoramic theme.

Thus, Windows 8 eliminates all of the major flaws, that dealt with multiple monitors on Windows 7.

Systems with multiple monitors are convenient not only for work but also for games. You can verify this by setting the program SoftTH. It stretches the gaming space on three monitors without the need for additional hardware.

The program works with games Direct3D 8 and 9 (the full list of games that are exactly supported, is published on the official website). To use it, you need to connect three monitors to your computer. In this case, as to render the monitoring only one graphics card, the second card can be a class of low end, just enough that it supports the technology Direct3D.

Display - one of the few parts, being outdated, still suitable to use at work. So even if you do not have a secondary monitor now, do not worry. Sooner or later you will come to think about upgrading and when it does, your old monitor will not be superfluous. All you need, just to install appropriate software and take advantage of a large working desk.